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The Democrats have been wrong about Iraq all along. Four years ago Harry Reid declared the war "lost". Dragging out all of the threadbare verbiage of the Vietnam era, they declared us "bogged down" in a "Guagmire", and accused our troops of Human rights abuses and atrocities. Barack Obama predicted the surge was bound to fail. When he took over as commander-in-chief, he tardily ordered surges of his own. Not long after he was laughably given a "Peace Prize" by some obscure Norwegian club, he launched surges in Afghanistan, and ordered an attack on Libya which toppled and killed the dictator there. He seems not to have asked himself what kind of regime would replace Khaddafi, and so far, they don't look a bit hospitable.

Barack Obama has played for suckers all those who voted for him. He promised to close Gitmo, to stop rendition, to declare defeat and withdraw from Iraq immediately.  I must admit that it is to my relief that he has done none of these things. Still he cannot be trusted again because after making nice with Iran was all it would take to garner their affections. The Iranians are threatening to station battleship in the gulf of Mexico. What will be his response to that? Of the current contenders for the Republican nomination, any of them would be better than Obama, except Ron Paul. While I agree strongly with Rep. Paul on many of his small government, more freedom views, his positions on defense are too childishly naive to be taken seriously.