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Why be a Gay republican?

Why would a gay person want to be Republican? Good question, because there is fair amount of intolerance, even disgust, among some Republicans at our lifestyle.

The issue is bigger than and our being personally offended. The spread of gay rights depends on the survival of freedom in the United States. And that freedom is threatened today by nuclear terrorism. The same holds true for all civil rights: racial equality, gender equality, etc. And it has become clear since September 11, 2001 that the Republican party, despite its many flaws, is the only party willing to defend America. It doesn't matter that several other countries have advanced further than us in gay rights, and gay marriage, etc. Without America, those countries would all be ruled by either Germany or Russia right now, and the human rights records that would have given us would have been abysmal.  

There are, of course, many Democrats, some of them in congress, who enthusiastically defend our nation. But when Bush was president, former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid seized every opportunity to blame America, blame the troops, comfort the terrorists, tie the hands of our intelligence agencies, and legislate defeat. They capitalized on the war for political advantage in ways that were unforgivable. Then when Obama was elected, they overlooked in him many of the same offenses they so derisively savaged Bush for.

Americans must come together. We must stop blaming ourselves. We must drill for our own oil, and stop ceding our freedoms to the government.

Liberals consider themselves intellectually and morally superior to other Americans. They seem to believe, for example, that only they remember the crimes of America's past: That we stole this continent from the Indians and built it with slave labor, that women were once prohibited from voting, and children once worked 12 to 18 hours a day. Corner any liberal in debate and they will likely respond with a firestorm of America's atrocities, real or imagined, the implication apparently being that we living Americans, who had no part in these cruelties, are still somehow implicated in them and thereby surrender our right  

All nations of any consequence have as at least as many outrages to answer for as we do. The crimes of Germany, Russia, China Japan spring to mind. Even smaller countries like Cuba, Guatemala, Angola, Cambodia and South Africa have committed hideous atrocities.  When they had the wherewithal, France, England, Portugal, Belgium and Holland colonized all of Africa, enslaved and sold its people, stole its natural resources, most notably its gold, diamonds, installed puppet regimes to murder anyone who stood in their way. The carved out artificial nations at their convenience, giving no respect or regard for countless ancient tribal boundaries. When the chaos they had created became unmanageable they simply abandoned the place. Today, while much of the third world begins to thrive and grow, Africa continues a basket case, much of which is ruled by thugs with AK-47's flying about in pickup trucks. The European powers who caused this are among our most sanctimonious critics today.

No other country has done so much good in the world as America. Without America, all of Europe would toil under German or Soviet domination. America goes to war, reluctantly, defeats its enemies, then rebuilds the country and returns to its owners! We did so after World War II under the The Marshall Plan, likewise in Japan under Macarthur. We are doing it again now in Iraq and, in a process whose outcome is much less certain, in Afghanistan.

Gay people and straights alike should recognize this, and realize that America's, despite her faults, is still the sole great repository of freedom - even though freedom here is not fully realized.

They also seem to believe that only they understand the suffering of the poor or minorities in America. Politicans, whether gay or not are always looking for fun! Adult companionship or escorts are certainly part of politicians extra curricular activities. If you are looking for escorts in London then there are plenty to choose from. Straight escorts, bisexual escorts or gay escorts! 



Anti Mosque rally at Ground Zero - 8-22-10

Lady at anti-mosque demonstration

Despite a dreary rain, several thousand people came out in lower Manhattan to protest the mosque, proposed to be built just right around the corner from the World Trade Center Site. 

Debra Burlingame, whose brother piloted flight 93 spoke, as did several survivors, and families of survivors. Two songs were sung by America's beloved tenor, former policeman Daniel Rodriguez. Patriotic music was played, speeches were given by several Union Official who swore this mosque would never be built. "We do the building here in New York City" said one of them, making it clear it would never happen. 

I found this refreshing. New York is, after all, a city with a long history of anti-American turncoats. NYC was the last hold out for English Loyalists during the revolution, till they finally were driven to Canada. During the Civil War NYC was also a hot bed of the so-called "Copperheads", Northern Democrats who secretly supplied money and aid to the Confederacy. So it should come as no surprise that America haters of every stripe continue to congregate in NYC. 

BUT THIS RALLY WAS DIFFERENT! This rally was attended by patriotic New Yorkers who know that the argument is very simple! To allow Muslims to build their victory mosque in the shadow of the massacre is disrespectful, and insensitive, something one would hardly expect of the "religion of peace."

One last point. I would estimate the attendance at the pro-mosque rally at around 200; the anti mosque Rally I would estimate at around 2000.

Posted by Ronald, 8-22-2010


Where is the Muslim outrage? 

Those of us who oppose this mosque stand accused of bigotry, xenophobia, religious intolerance, etc. Nonsense! I have many Muslim friends here in New York City who I know would never countenance or take part in any sort of terrorism. But that message, that there are many good Muslims, would be much easier to spread if more Muslims spoke out against terrorism. Posted by Ronald, 8-22-2010

Ann Coulter speaks to gays; World Net Daily balks 8-21-10

Ann Coulter calls World Net Daily "fake Christians" - 8-22-2010

We might not agree with Ann Coulter on everything, but she has a lot of good points, particularly on the feckless short-sighted cowardice of the left.

August 12, 2010 - While Rome Burns, Dems throw  Rangel a fab birthday party.

August 11, 2010: The Obsolescence of Barack Obama. 

April 19,  2010: 4 out of 5 American do not trust the government The most astonishing thing about this poll is that 1 out of 5 Americans DO trust big government, who is  bankrupting Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, who put their stamp of approval on Bernie Madoff, and is saddling future generations with unspeakable debt. 

What happened to Global Warming? - 10-9-09

Hirohito Never went to the USS Missouri to sign the surrender. 

President Obama eschewed the notion of victory in Afghanistan because, as he explained to an ABC reporter, it "invokes this notion of Emperor Hirohito coming down and signing a surrender to Macarthur". Trouble is, Hirohito never came to the surrender ceremony on the USS Missouri, and that was a very specific choice my General Macarthur, who did not want to humiliate the Japanese people by making them watch their emperor surrender. If President Bush had made this factual blunder, we would hear no end to the ridicule. President Obama clearly does not understand history.  

Obama the Impotent - 9-23-09

Global Warming Indeed!

Posted by Ronald August 1, 2009

If the current cold summer in New York City continues, 2009 could be Coldest Summer on Record. For only the second time in 140 years, the temperature in Central Park failed to reach even 90 degrees in: not the sort of weather one would expect, considering the glowing fireball the earth is becoming in popular culture. 

Adherents to the global warming religion like to distinguish between weather and climate. They are correct. There a vast difference between weather and climate: and climate is much more complex than weather. Climate includes all the weather everywhere, plus a wide range of phenomena humans have barely begun to comprehend. 

Humans can't accurately predict the weather for the day after tomorrow; yet we're all asked to believe we can predict the climate for 50 years from now! We must look pretty dumb!

National Kiss-in - July 27, 2009

Do we really want to associate ourselves with the The United Nations?

Posted by Ronald, July 27, 2009

An article in today's Associated Press reveals that United Nations Allows Gay Group to join Debates. Mainstream gay thinking will call this progress, an honor even. I consider it a blunder to hitch our star to this corrupt, obsolete, world body. The United Nations allowed Saddam Hussein to abrogate his responsibilities of disarmament and verification under the ceasefire agreement of the first Gulf War. Have we forgotten the United Nations Oil-For-Food scandal, which enriched Saddam Hussein by billions of dollars, and extended his reign, necessitating the Iraq war? Have we forgotten the United Nations Weapons inspectors who fecklessly allowed themselves to be kicked out of Iraq before their job was finished? Time and again, the United Nations passes lofty, high-minded firm resolutions, then does exactly nothing to enforce them. The United Nations enables dictators, welcomes cut throat nations like Libya to chair its Human Rights Council, and in many of the UN's member nations it is a capital offense to be gay, and we're not going to change that. 

We gay people must not be so desperate for acceptance that we accept such low hanging fruit as United Nations recognition. 

Republicans for Freedom???

Posted by Ronald, July 11, 2009

Republicans are supposed to stand for freedom- except when it comes to who can get married, and who can smoke pot, and a list of other areas where Republicans sanctimoniously demand the government's nose in our business. This so-called "Defense off marriage act is just such an abomination. If there is anything the federal government should keep its nose out of, it's marriage; Yet once again, people who don't conform are made a rallying cry to bring "conservatives" some unity of purpose. Despite the many desirable aspects of the Republican party (Strong defense, national pride, fiscal responsibility, etc.) Republicans need to do some soul searching. The most difficult part of freedom is allowing others to be free. Republicans need to focus on this.

Obama is Letting Gays Down

Posted by Ronald, July 8 2009

One of the premises of this page is that gay people are concerned with a whole range of issues beyond simply gay issues. But every now and then we should return to the gay issues, and now is such a time. I didn't vote for him, and so am not surprised. He promised the moon, and the moon is not coming. When will we stop believing that the federal government cannot deliver the moon. The Democratic parties is a conglomeration of unrelated interest groups, many of whom secretly dislike each other, but who will tolerate each other for an election cycle. So make no mistake, there are many Democrats, ordinary Americans, who do not like us. Their professions of "tolerance" notwithstanding, they have no intention of helping gay people achieve our goals; But we are being suckered into helping them achieve theirs. Following are some links to some of his and the Democratic Party's backsliding on gay rights.

Obama Needs to Move on Gay Rights - July 7, 2009

Obama going wobbly on gay rights - July 7, 2009

Obama Dragging Feet on Gay Rights - July 6, 2009

Global Warming as Religion

Posted by Ronald, July 6, 2009

Evidence suggests that the Earth has warmed about 1 degree centigrade since the 1850's; yet no evidence proves human activity is to blame. But no evidence is needed. Global warming is a religion, whose tenets are taken on faith. The earth itself is the Christ figure who suffers and dies for our sins; and end-of-the-world scenario which is foretold justifies the most draconian of measures- the excoriating of heretics (One of the New York Times prominent pseudo-intellects has likened doubting manmade global warming to "treason"), rigid codes of self denial, and punishment of behavior that can be somehow tied to the warming. And like the smarmiest of TV preachers, the Environmental clergy prey upon the guilt and confusion of well-meaning Americans to rake in massive profits through the sale of so-called "carbon credits", and the Climate Change bill which has just passed Congress. Please visit our Global Warming Hysterics page to see some of the latest news debunking this hysteria. 

It is ironic that so many gay Americans joined this religion?  Liberal politics are an incronguent heap of positions based in victimhood, pessimism, and conformity- Yet conforming is the thing we gay people have trouble most doing. Many of us tried through adolescence to conform to mainstream norms, and finally threw up our hands in frustration. The whole point of the modern gay movement is to abandon conforming and be ourselves. Yet now obediently we tow the line for every liberal cause that announces itself. Perhaps the Global Warming cause has extra appeal since it is now mainstream; and how desperately we have longed to be mainstream.  

Gay Parenting

Posted by Ronald, June 29, 2009

Parenting is a fundamental human need. Yet many of us gay people don't realize this until late in life. Adoption, surrogacy and co-parenting are just a few of the options open to those of us in the gay community who wish to have children. And the children of such unions are as well adjusted and happy as the offspring of straight couples. In its recent article Gayby Boom CNN details how one young man, raised by a lesbian couple, is happily on the way to a bright future. So to those of us who might feel there is somethng missing in their lives, parenthood, even with its well known difficulties, might fill the void.

The new Welfare state - 6-5-09

Microsoft will move jobs off shore if Obama tax plan passes - 6-5-09

Obama's Poll numbers tumbling - March 14, 2009

Like Wide-Mouth Bass

Posted by Ronald, March 13, 2009 

By now, even the most glassy-eyed Obama supporters must realize they were hooked, with the same rhetorical lures with which politicians have reeled them in for centuries.

He promised "change" till it was embarrassing to hear; then surrounded himself with some of the sorriest old sacks from as far back as the Carter Administration. 

He has not pulled us out of Iraq immediately, as he promised to do so many times during his campaign. Confronted with the realities of the presidency, he has opted for a more cautious approach. This is in contrast with when he and many other Democrats declared the war "lost", and a "disaster", accused our troops of atrocities, and promised to end it instantly. He promises to pull us out at some point in the future. He promises a lot of things. While I am relieved to see him pursuing this more realistic approach

After savaging President Bush's for running up the deficit, Obama's spending makes all previous presidents look like organ grinders.

After crowing loudly earmark reforms, the current budget includes enough pork to make a gentile turn kosher. 

He hasn't closed Guantanamo Bay, immediately as he promised you he would. Confronted with the reality of just what kind of terrorists and miscreants the place is full of, he is opting for a more measured approach. 

His often repeated boast that he opposed the Iraq War from the beginning is intentionally deceptive. He wasn't even in the US Senate at the time the Iraq War Resolution was voted on (October 2002). He didn't enter the senate until January 2005- more the 2 years later! It's the easiest thing in the world for a state Senator from Illinois, to go about supporting or opposing anything he deems advantageous. It's quite another to have been in the United States Senate at the time, seen the intelligence, and to have made the tough decisions in 2002 like many Senators of both parties did.

Obama has been handed the ghastly, glorious world that Bush was handed. His main challenge is to keep terrorists out of our nation, as Bush has done for the the past 7 years, and his tacit willingness to accept a nuclear Iran, is deeply disturbing.

What Now

Posted by Ronald, November 2008

We Republicans have just taken the worst shellacking since the 70's. We must see this as an opportunity to rebuild the party around its fundamentals: Lower taxes, less government meddling in our lives, less socialism, and a strong defense. The key issue is national defense, for if American doesn't survive, gays won't have any rights. Neither will blacks, nor, women, nor Jews, nor any of the other minorities. Gay people must be a part of this rebuilding. 

His Speech is Nothing

Posted by Ronald, September 9, 2008

"...her speech is nothing, Yet the unshaped use of it doth move the hearers to collection; they aim at it, And botch the words up fit to their own thoughts; Which, as her winks, and nods, and gestures yield them, Indeed would make one think there might be thought, Though nothing sure, yet much unhappily."

Hamlet, Act IV, scene 5

I can never help recalling Shakespeare's description of Ophelia's madness when I hear Obama speak. Of course Mr. Obama is not mad. Far from it! Still, vacuous words like "change", "hope", and "future" are as empty vessels into which hearers pour their own meaning. Unlike poor Ophelia, Mr. Obama does not have the excuse of insanity. He knows exactly what he's doing. 


Sarah Palin's Experience

Posted by Ronald, September 6, 2008 

Obama voters should have the decency to blush when they question the experience of Sarah Palin to be Vice President. Mr. Obama's lack of experience to occupy to the highest office in the land is unprecedented. He has spent just 144 days in the US Senate, accomplishing nothing of note. The bulk of his time since taking office in 2005 has been spent running for president. He's never shouldered the responsibilities of being mayor, never struggled under the enormous burdens of  governorship, never raced against the deadline of meeting a payroll in a small business. He even seems to have buckled under the pressure of the Illinois legislature where, instead of voting "yea" or "nay" as his constituents had every right to expect, he voted "present" almost 130 times. Sarah Palin, by contrast, has been a small town mayor (to the Democrats' delighted derision), she's been a governor for 2 years, she knows what it's is to make gut wrenching decisions that will affect an entire state, and she never had the luxury of voting "present". She has fought waste and corruption at every level, and is eminently more qualified than Mr. Obama - And she's only running for Vice President! So please, Obama voters, if you must persist in this feigned distress over Mrs. Palin's experience, kindly have the goodness to blush.

On Taxes and Healthcare.

Posted by Ronald, September 6, 2008

        In pursuit of government-run healthcare, Senator Obama has resurrected that favorite stock character of the liberal storyline, the proverbial "American who is one medical bill away from bankruptcy". I would like to hear him express some sympathy for an equally tragic figure, the American who is just one tax lien away from Bankruptcy.

        Government-run healthcare will requiring raising taxes, which Obama has promised to do. Raising taxes, even on the wealthiest Americans (a favorite stock villain of the left) takes buying power out of the economy, which costs jobs- The worst thing to do in these economically tough times. Higher taxes on any American hurts all Americans, inching them a little closer to tax-related bankruptcy, whether by honest tax mistakes, or by simply not having enough money to live on after the government has helped itself to your paycheck. 

        Then there is the separate question of why we would entrust our healthcare to a federal government which has so absurdly mismanaged Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. They are sure to screw it up! It's a guaranteed lead pipe cinch! Had any private investment firm misappropriated, misrepresented, and looted their funds as the federal government has with Social Security, they would all be in jail. The Social Security scandal makes the Enron crooks look like amateurs. We will explore this in greater detail in future posts.

        It is a dreadful scene for a family to lose their home to the bank. It is an even more harrowing scene to lose one's home to the IRS. At some point, a private lender must simply give up and write off the debt. But the IRS can seize everything you own, sell it at bargain basement prices, then pursue you to your grave for the remainder. So the next time Senator Obama seeks to frighten you with the prospect of being one medical bill away from bankruptcy, please remember the the prospect of being one tax lien away from financial ruin.


How Dare we Question their Patriotism? Posted by Ronald, September 5, 2008

          "How dare you question my patriotism?!" Such is the scolding we receive when we question the Democratic party's resolve in defending the country. Admittedly it's an effective technique. I was recently shamed into apologies by a Democratic friend in this way. When I questioned his party's willingness to defend America, he became incensed that his love of country was being impugned. I gushed apologies, but in fact, it was never his patriotism I was questioning. This man is a World War II veteran, and I honor his service. Most liberal appeasement is built not on lack of patriotism, but on the following 2 liberal principals: 

          1 - There is no significant threat from Islamic terrorism. Despite the lip service liberals give to fighting terrorists, consider the countless ways Democrats in Congress have leapt to their defense. They've thwarted our efforts to spy on and wiretap terrorists at home and abroad; Bitterly crippled our abilities to spy on Al-Qaeda's financial networks around the world. They've fought for to grant access to these enemy combatants the the best left wing lawyers in America, and meticulously reclassified as torture any accommodations that don't involve a comfy Barcaloumger and slippers. 

          All of this is made possible because our cowardly terrorist enemies remain hidden, and it is tempting to think that the danger has passed. And since they see no threat, they are blind with rage over our military efforts.

          2 - Whatever threats we do face are of our own making. We have so mistreated the world, goes the narrative, that we have only ourselves to blame for the occasional suicide bombing. (Get any hardcore liberal started recounting America's crimes and the stream-of-consciousness tirade you will receive will make Finnegan's Wake sound like the McGuffy Reader.) So like the abused wife who blames herself for the beatings, we tell ourselves that it's our fault, and that if only we would change, the danger would pass. It's false comfort.

          There is a third factor: the small percentage of people on the left, and some on the right, who actually do hate America. Michael Moore is the obvious example. His propagandistic capitalizing on tragedies ranging from the Iraq War to school shootings amounts to a kind of war time profiteering that would make the Krupp family blush. Yet even he feigns the vapours at the hint that his patriotism on par with Washington's own. 

          So we're not supposed to question anybody's patriotism. Fair enough. But how much subversive, America-bashing, American blaming do we have to countenance before we can question something?!

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